Where is the experience located?

The venue is located at 1081 Holland Drive, Boca Raton, FL 33487


Are there any limitations on who can or cannot play?

Players must be 13 years or older to play, and must be physically able enough to participate in the game, which includes walking around unassisted for periods of 30 minutes or more.  Players also must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


How physical is the experience?

Due to the nature of the game, players must be able to walk around without assistance and will need full use of both hands for periods of about 30 minutes.


Is there a waiver associated with the experience?

Yes.  The liability waiver can either be filled out on location.  Guests 18 years old and younger must have their legal guardian sign the waiver.


Can I wear glasses with the virtual reality headset on?

Unfortunately, the virtual reality headset may scratch or break lenses, so glasses are not permitted.  While the headset can be adjusted, we recommend you wear contacts instead.


I’m interested in opening a GameReef franchise location near me.  Who should I contact? 

The best way to contact us for any means would be through emailing gamereefvr@gmail.com, and be sure to include your location and contact information.


Any other questions?

Reach out to us at gamereefvr@gmail.com and we will respond as soon an possible!