Is virtual reality really the best choice for my event?

Yes!  GameReef offers one of the widest selection of virtual reality experiences in the whole US.  This means that no matter the demographic, we can always work with you to make sure that the experience we provide perfectly matches what you are searching for.

What is it like to experience room scale virtual reality?

We created the video below to help show just how exciting and immersive the experiences can be. While we don’t actually bring green screens to our events, this video was designed to give you a sense of what it’s like to experience virtual reality.


What is included with each unit?

With each unit comes a virtual reality headset, two motion tracking stations with tripods to stand on, a TV monitor to mirror the headset so the guests can see what the user sees, a table and covering to store the computer underneath to make the setup aesthetically attractive for any event, and curtains to act as dividers between the units.  Also, depending on the number of units rented, we will send our professional technicians/ambassadors to ensure that everything runs smoothly and to troubleshoot any potential issues that may arise.

Is Wi-Fi a requirement?

Yes and no.  Some of the experiences we offer can be multiplayer, allowing guests to cooperate in real time with one another.  In order to connect the systems for multiplayer, Wi-Fi is a requirement.  However, if it is unavailable, then we can still run single-player experiences without a problem.  When selecting which experiences you want at your event, we will remind you which ones require Wi-Fi.

Are there any limitations on who can or cannot play?

To enjoy the experience, players must be comfortable and able to participate.  Players must be 12 years or older to play, and must be physically able enough to participate in the game, which means being able to walk unassisted as well as a reliable sense of motion and balance.  Players also must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

How physical is the experience?

Each experience is different in its physical demands.  Some games require no more than being able to stand and look around, while others require users to be able to walk, squat, and have full usage of their hands for short periods of time.  At your request we can offer you a list of experiences with the fewest physical limitations.    

Can I wear glasses with the virtual reality headset on?

Glasses may make the headset somewhat uncomfortable and prevent users from being able to fully enjoy the experience.  While the headset can be adjusted, we recommend you wear contacts instead.

I’m interested in opening a GameReef franchise near my location.  Who should I contact? 

The best way to contact us for any means would be through emailing support@gamereef.com, and be sure to include your location as well as your contact information. 

Any other questions?

Reach out to us at support@gamereef.com and we will respond as soon an possible!